Entry Door Makeover

From time to time we are going to be posting tips on how you can update, or take care of your own doors and windows.  They do not always need to be replaced!  We are starting today wit your front entry door!

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How to change the look of your entry door

Does your entry door make your house look drab or dated?  Perhaps there’s nothing wrong with it that warrants a replacement, you just need it to be a bit more—special. Replacing or adding hardware is an economical way to freshen up not only the appearance of your entry door, but the look of your whole house too.

Doorknockers: Even if your door doesn’t have a doorknocker, it’s easy to install one. Metal doorknockers offer a touch of class to an otherwise plain door. Not only can you choose the type of metal such as brass or nickel, you can also personalize it by having your name or initials engraved on it. Basic styles are can be purchased for under $20 and easily install using screws.

Doorknob: The 1970s called and they would like their doorknob back—seriously. Older homes often contain hardware finishes that were very popular when they were built but not as desirable today. By swapping out an antique brass knob for a satin nickel one, you can shave 30 years off of the look of your door.

Kick Plate: A kick plate not only dresses up your entry door, it also protects it from the wear and tear caused from your family and guest’s feet. They even can help prevent the bottom of the door from being kicked in during a break in. As with doorknockers, kick plates are easily installed using screws and can be purchased premade to fit your front door.

A do-it-yourself makeover is a great way to refresh the appearance of your entry door and improve your home’s curb appeal, but sometimes your door may be beyond fixing up. Don’t worry; the BRL door experts are here to help! We can help you find your new front door in a style that compliments your home and fits your budget. We take care of everything from measuring to installation and you can have the peace of mind that comes from knowing a licensed and bonded contractor is handling your job. Come visit our North Las Vegas showroom or call us to get you’re your new door or window project started.