Saving Money With Replacement Windows

It may seem like an oxymoron—you can save money by spending money? Actually, it couldn’t be truer. If you plan on spending the next few years in your home, you will end up saving money by upgrading your home’s existing windows to new, energy-efficient models. Here’s why:

las vegas replacement windows

Replacement windows can save you money

  • They Block UV Light: Harmful UV rays are not only dangerous to your skin, they can damage your home’s furnishings too. Extended exposure from UV rays results in faded carpets/furniture, damaged artwork and even brittle window blinds. New windows are able to block a significant percentage of these rays so you won’t need to replace these damaged items.
  • Lower Utility Bills: Older windows do not have insulated frames or Low E glass, so they are unable to block heat transfer between your home and the outside. This is very obvious when it feels very hot near a window in the summer or cold in the winter. In order to keep the inside of your home at a comfortable temperature, your heating and cooling units need to run more and your utility costs skyrocket.
  • Drafts: Because they can have tiny cracks, failed seals or just shrinkage from temperature changes, older windows cause air to leak through them creating drafts inside of your home. Air isn’t the only thing getting in either. During the rare times that we get rain in the Las Vegas Valley, these windows are vulnerable to water leakage also. This leakage can lead to drywall and flooring damage and increase your chances of having mold.
  • No Repainting: If your existing windows have wood frames, it is necessary to repaint or re-varnish them every 1-2 years to keep them looking and operating properly. New windows are available in maintenance-free styles that feature the look of wood without all of the hassle.


Over time, energy-efficient replacement windows will pay for themselves when you factor all of the money you are saving from having them. If you are ready to make the switch, give BRL a call at (702) 876-6579 to set up your free consultation.