Aren’t All Doors Wood?

Unless you’ve recently purchased new exterior doors, you may not give too much thought to what they’re made out of. When it is time to replace your front door, it can be overwhelming when you find out that not all doors are the same and the different materials that they are available in have unique characteristics that you may or not need for your home.

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BRL can help you choose a door that fits your needs

Steel:  Over half of exterior doors sold in the United States are made of steel. Steel is he most affordable type of door and offers both security and minimal weather resistance but can dent easily if hit hard enough. As long as you don’t add glass panels, they are extremely energy efficient and can be painted in a variety of colors.


Fiberglass: If your budget doesn’t allow for solid wood doors, fiberglass models are the next best thing. They can be smooth or made to mimic the texture or look of natural wood grain. One of the best features of fiberglass doors besides their affordability is that they rarely require any maintenance.


Wood: Let’s face it; the reason that other doors types try to look like wood is because solid wood is the standard of excellence when it comes to doors.  Wood doors resist damage from wear and weather and are easily repaired when scratched or dinged. When you choose solid wood for your exterior doors, it is vital that you perform the necessary maintenance that is required to protect your investment. If they aren’t repainted or varnished every 1-2 years, their beauty and quality will fade over time.


BRL is proud to offer a wide range of materials and styles to fit any budget. Give us a call before you start your next project and find out how easy it can be to find your new front door. We even handle installation so you don’t need to worry if the job will be done correctly. Contact one of our door experts today.