French Doors

Can’t you just picture it? You are stepping onto your patio with your cup of coffee and today’s newspaper through a pair of beautiful French doors. Oh wait… you still have that old sliding glass door that came with the house?  It’s time for you to upgrade to the elegance and style that only French doors can bring to your living area.

las vegas french doors

BRL installs French Doors


French doors are a pair of doors that consist of glass separated by frames. They allow natural light to filter into any room while also providing a view of the outdoors. A great choice for access to patio areas or balconies, they come in endless styles and colors to compliment any décor.


To make sure you are going with the best French doors for your home, take these factors into consideration when making your selection:


  • Energy efficiency: Since French Doors are composed mainly of glass; you’ll want to purchase ones with the same characteristics of energy efficient windows. Dual-panes, low E glass and insulating gasses can all contribute to lower utility bills—even during the hot Las Vegas summers!


  • Frame material: Now that the energy efficiency needs have been met, it’s time to pick out a frame material. Depending on your needs and your budget, your new French door frames can be made out of wood, vinyl or fiberglass.


  • Swing direction: The last step in the customization of your new French doors is to choose in-swing or out-swing versions. This basically means you get to decide whether the doors open into your room our out to your patio or balcony.


Swapping out your boring, builder-grade sliding door for French doors is easier than you think—especially when you choose the window and door experts at BRL. We are here to not only guide you with the selection of your new doors but also to ensure that they are properly installed and meet all area building codes. That’s the difference that only comes when working with a licensed and bonded contractor rather than a home improvement store. To set up an in-home consultation or to just explore the many styles and brands of French doors that we carry, contact us today.