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Cleaning Your Window Tracks

Are you having difficulty opening and closing your windows? The problem may not be the window but the track that it slides in. Window tracks are notorious for collecting dirt, grease and even dead insects (yuck). To keep your windows operating properly and prevent them from becoming a moth graveyard, try this easy way to […]

Questions To Ask When Choosing A Home Improvement Contactor

You’ve clipped pictures from magazines, created a board on Pinterest and now all that’s left is to hire a contractor to make your design dreams a reality. Unfortunately, just because someone calls themselves a contractor doesn’t mean that they are the best one for your upcoming project. Before hiring someone, make sure you approve of […]

Energy Efficient Entry Doors

As Americans are trying to conserve natural resources, there is an increased awareness about choosing energy efficient building materials to aid in the effort. Energy efficiency is now a characteristic that consumers are looking for in automobiles, appliances and construction materials like doors. Choosing energy efficient doors is a great way to lower your utility […]

Window Materials—They’re More Than Just Glass

Until you have actually looked into buying windows, you may not realize that there are lots of choices to make. Dual pane or single? Low-e glass or regular? You’ll even need to choose the best frame material for your project and budget. Window frames play a huge role in not only the appearance of your […]

Energy Efficient Windows Explained

As Americans try to live greener lifestyles, you hear more and more talk about energy efficiency. This especially applies to windows. Energy efficient windows not only make your home more comfortable, they lower your heating and cooling bills too. So what sets energy efficient windows apart from regular windows? Special Coatings: Energy-efficient windows feature glass […]

A Crash Course In Window Styles

Windows are an architectural feature of your home that not only allow light and air to flow in but also help to determine its overall exterior look and improve its curb appeal. Choosing the right style of window makes all the difference. Casement Windows: If maximum ventilation is a priority for your interior space, casement […]

Commercial Doors

  Two things that business owners look for in exterior doors are safety and energy efficiency. Steel doors offer both in addition to other features that will make you want to choose them for your next purchase. They’re Solid: Unlike hollow or foam core doors, steel doors cannot be kicked in. Although weight concerns prevent […]

Does Your Interior Door Stick?

Sticky interior doors can be very frustrating because they can cause interference every time you enter and leave your house. Fortunately, there are some tricks you can try on your own before you call for a replacement or repair.   Keep it clean: Dust and residue can collect around your door, especially during periods of […]