Commercial Doors


Two things that business owners look for in exterior doors are safety and energy efficiency. Steel doors offer both in addition to other features that will make you want to choose them for your next purchase.

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Commercial Doors Have Many Advantages

  • They’re Solid: Unlike hollow or foam core doors, steel doors cannot be kicked in. Although weight concerns prevent solid steel doors from being used for residential use, they are built to withstand blunt force. Most steel doors feature 24-gauge steel.
  • Customization: The only limit to the color of your door is your imagination. Steel doors can be prefinished in the color of your choice or arrive white and ready to paint.
  • Weatherproof: Galvanized steel doors not only resist scratches, they are also strong enough to stand up to rust and corrosion.
  • Economical: Depending on the style and locking mechanism, steel doors are surprisingly affordable.


When it’s time to replace your exterior doors, don’t forget about installation. Steel doors are heavier than other door styles so you may need to replace your existing doorjamb to support it.  That’s why it’s just as important to consider who is installing your door in addition to where you are buying it.




At BRL, we can handle every step of your door replacement from the purchase to the installation. In addition to carrying the best door brands in the industry, we are also a licensed contractor that can install your new doors too.  If you’re ready to upgrade your commercial doors doors, get in touch with one of our door experts at 702-876-6579 or visit our new North Las Vegas showroom to see some of the steel doors that we carry.