A Crash Course In Window Styles

Windows are an architectural feature of your home that not only allow light and air to flow in but also help to determine its overall exterior look and improve its curb appeal. Choosing the right style of window makes all the difference.

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Types of windows

  • Casement Windows: If maximum ventilation is a priority for your interior space, casement windows are perfect for your home. Operated by a hand crank, these windows are able to completely open making it possible to allow the most air to flow through.
  • French Casement Windows: A regular casement window only as one panel, but French casement windows actual have two that open outward. Because they don’t use a center pole, they provide an unobstructed view to the outdoors. They also have the added stylistic element of pane dividers to create a grid on each window.
  • Awning Windows: A variation of the traditional casement window, awning windows have a hinge on the top rather than the side and open by pushing out the bottom. These are a great way to provide ventilation to small, limited space areas such as basements.
  • Sliding Windows: One of the most common window types, sliding windows feature two glass panels. One stays in place while the other slides back and forth. These are a great choice for larger openings.
  • Bay Window: If you are looking to expand the space of a living area without actually adding on to the room, bay windows can help with that. These windows extend out past the exterior wall of your home and can even include a seating area. Although bay windows do not usually open, they may have smaller panels added that will.
  • Picture Windows: When you need to let the most light into a room to make the space appear larger, choose a picture window to complement your area. Picture windows do not open, but can be crafted in a variety of shapes and styles to enhance the beauty of your home.


When it comes time to replace the windows in your home, don’t assume that you can’t have some fun by changing up the styles. Our BRL window experts can help you reimagine your space by using windows to enhance the design elements of your home. Contact us today to learn how.