Energy Efficient Entry Doors

As Americans are trying to conserve natural resources, there is an increased awareness about choosing energy efficient building materials to aid in the effort. Energy efficiency is now a characteristic that consumers are looking for in automobiles, appliances and construction materials like doors. Choosing energy efficient doors is a great way to lower your utility costs and help to save the planet at the same time. Energy efficient entry doors doors look and work just like regular doors but include the following characteristics to limit the transfer of heat between your home and the outdoors:

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Your Entry Door Should Be Energy Efficient

  • Low U-Factor: The U-factor is a figure that measures how much non-solar heat passes through a door. A lower U-factor demonstrates that the entry door is well insulated.
  • Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC): The SHGC value measures how much solar heat is transferred from the door. A high SHGC number is coveted in colder climates because the door traps more heat from the sun inside the home, but here in Las Vegas it is better to have a lower SHGC value to keep the sun’s heat out during the summer.
  • Multi-plane Glass: If the door has glass panels, double or triple-paned glass that is filled with argon or krypton gas provides superior insulation to limit the transfer of heat.
  • Core Materials: As the saying goes, “it’s what’s on the inside that counts.” What the door is filled with is an important factor in determining its energy efficiency. Look for styles with fiberglass, wood cladding or steel with polyurethane foam core for best results.
  • Tight-Fitting Seam: Even the best doors will leak air if they aren’t seamed properly. Opt for a high quality weather stripping to prevent this from occurring.

One way to trust that your door is energy efficient is to look for the Energy Star Label. This label lets you know that your door meets the federal government’s standards for energy efficiency. At BRL we carry Energy Star compliant entry doors from some of the best door manufacturers in the industry. Get in touch with one of our door experts today to learn more.