Questions To Ask When Choosing A Home Improvement Contactor

You’ve clipped pictures from magazines, created a board on Pinterest and now all that’s left is to hire a contractor to make your design dreams a reality. Unfortunately, just because someone calls themselves a contractor doesn’t mean that they are the best one for your upcoming project. Before hiring someone, make sure you approve of their answers to the following questions:

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Are They Licensed?

Each year, the state of Nevada catches many unlicensed contractors by conducting sting operations throughout the valley. Unfortunately, they can’t find them all and it doesn’t prevent unsavory individuals from claiming they are the real deal when they bid on your project. An licensed contractor has to pass rigorous testing about building standards and codes as well as carry insurance that protects you if something goes wrong on their end. Licensed contractors will have a bid limit and do not take on work that exceeds it. To see if a contractor if legitimately licensed, search for them here.


Can You Speak With Previous Clients?

One of the most valuable research tools you have when selecting a contractor is their references. Be wary if they will not provide you with contact information for former clients.


How Long Have They Worked With Their Subcontractors?

A strong relationship with subcontractors is the key to having a project finished on time and on budget. Contractors who have longstanding relationships with their subcontractors can be counted on to pay the subcontractors properly and conduct business with them respectfully and responsibly.


How Many Projects Do They Take On At Once?

Once your remodel has begun, your home will be disrupted by noise, dust and workers being there. Contractors who have more work than they can handle run the risk of not completing jobs in a timely manner and that means more inconvenience for you and your family.


BRL is not just a Las Vegas valley window and door showroom, we are also licensed contractors who handle small remodeling projects. Our business operates under the following licenses: General Contracting License #0077138, Manufactured Housing Installation License #R0001, and C3 Remodeling License #0060100; and our fully background checked employees carry individual licenses also. When it comes time for you to start your next home improvement project, think of us first!