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Replacement Window Considerations

Welcome homeowners! If you wish to know the purchase and installation process of replacement windows, then you’re in the right place. We will guide you through the process of what to look for in replacement windows, picking the right windows that compliment your home’s style and needs, as well as how to select the right […]

Selecting The Best Patio Door

When it comes to your patio door, you have options!  Different tastes, lifestyles, & your home’s current architectural designs will all play a part in your patio door decision.  The experts at Building Resource Limited are happy to walk you through your options, and help you choose the door that is just right for your […]

Help! My Sliding Glass Door Won’t Slide

Sliding doors are the natural choice for the easy access they provide to decks and patios, but what about when they refuse to slide properly? So long easy access! If your door is sticking or won’t slide at all, try these tips before calling for service: Clean the track: The most common issue by far […]

Is Commercial Window Replacement Costly?

Do you owned a storefront or business with windows? Sooner or later, you will find that you need commercial window replacement. Not to worry, we are there for you! The skills needed to properly replace a commercial window require that you call a professional.  BRL has a reputation for doing the job right the first […]

Important Things You Must Consider When Replacing Windows

Window replacement is one of the ways to give your home an updated look with improved insulation. But do you know how to select replacement windows that satisfy your requirements like efficiency, durability and beauty? A house without windows, with small windows, or poorly installed windows is dull and lifeless.  Any sophisticated home needs good […]

Is The Expense Worth It When Buying Replacement Doors?

The short answer? Absolutely. Cheap doors might sound better for your checkbook, but they can cost you more in the long-run. On the same note, we would never want to spend more than you can afford!                               Ok, a few things […]

Selecting Your Entry Door – Materials

One factor that you cannot afford to overlook when shopping for a new entry door is quality. You not only want a sturdy entry door, but you also want an aesthetically appealing door. Good doors and windows increase the value of your home! In addition, the door is the first feature that guests will see […]