Selecting Your Entry Door – Materials

One factor that you cannot afford to overlook when shopping for a new entry door is quality. You not only want a sturdy entry door, but you also want an aesthetically appealing door. Good doors and windows increase the value of your home! In addition, the door is the first feature that guests will see when they call on you.

What are the most common door materials? Building Resource Limited offers a variety of doors, and each meet different needs.

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Depending on your budget, there is a door for everyone. Here are some of the most common materials:


Some wood doors are made with laminate or plywood on either side with a heavy piece of hardboard between. A polyurethane core is necessary for insulation purposes. The door panels are finished with wood pieces or thicker plywood. Generally the door structural designs might vary from place to place due to factors like climate.

Thin plywood and laminate wood cannot be sanded and refinishing can only be done a few times. Moisture will creep behind the protective coating and fading becomes inevitable.

Solid wood doors are more reliable. These doors are 100% wood. They are heavy, secure and attractive. The doors can be sanded repeatedly and refinished with varnish, making them look as good as new. Solid wood doors do cost more, but the quality is what you are paying for.


Steel doors

Steel doors are revered for security, durability, and efficiency when it comes to energy consumption. They are a feasible option when you are looking for a strong door that has a reasonable price tag.

Steel doors are a great choice if you get a high quality steel.  Many inexpensive doors you may  find at home improvement stores, use low quality steel that can easily dent and chip.  When looking for a steel door, you want to make sure that the gauge is 22 or lower (the lower the number, the thicker the steel)



Fiberglass for exterior doors is a recent entrant into the market, but it is a great choice. There is minimal need for maintenance and it does not incur scratches or dents as easily as steel. Fiberglass is also a strong and secure material.



Aluminum doors are associated with durability, strength and a strong resistance to corrosion. They are not only virtually maintenance free; they have an incredibly long life span too. Aluminum doors are custom built to fit your opening exactly.  After solid wood, these are the most expensive doors, but they have the longest warranty (usually 20 years) and will never dent or need repainting,

For help deciding on your new entry door, please give us a call.  We would love to talk you through it, and help you to decide on which door meets your needs best.