Important Things You Must Consider When Replacing Windows

Window replacement is one of the ways to give your home an updated look with improved insulation. But do you know how to select replacement windows that satisfy your requirements like efficiency, durability and beauty?

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A house without windows, with small windows, or poorly installed windows is dull and lifeless.  Any sophisticated home needs good windows for light, insulation and temperature regulation.  Replacement windows should be picked carefully while keeping certain aspects in mind. To find the perfect replacement window, you need to know how to buy right replacement windows for your space based on efficiency, durability and beauty. While efficiency is appealing to your budget, the window must also enhance the interior and exterior décor of your home.


There are numerous reasons why you may want to upgrade your home windows, but with everything going green, saving energy and money may rank near the top. Most of the newer windows are multi-paned. The space between the panes of glass, has trapped air, usually argon or krypton that provides more insulation.  They also have improved seals.

Here are two things that can enable you to get window efficiency:

  1. R-rating

This is the measure of heat that your windows can lose. It is crucial to the general window efficiency. Always go for windows with R-3 rating or higher; the higher the rating, the greater the efficiency.

  1. U-Factor

This is the measure of how effective your windows are in preventing air (whether cold or hot) from getting in. Consider purchasing windows with U-Factors of less than 0.35.


Window technology has changed greatly over years; windows today come in different designs, materials, sizes and construction specifications.

You need decide on the window frames; there is a huge variety of window frames from uPVC, steel and wood. Steel frames are strong and durable while uPVC are less durable but also less expensive. Wood frames on the other hand are classy but requires high maintenance. Other areas of consideration are window openings and glass panes.


The durability of your windows vary with location, frames and sashes, insulating glass seals and weather-stripping. Warranties are another a sign of the product and manufacturer’s reliability. However advice and recommendation from an expert are most helpful.

Call Building Resource Limited today for all your window installation needs and we will advice you on what is most appropriate for your home, depending on factors like location and your home’s current style.