Help! My Sliding Glass Door Won’t Slide

Sliding doors are the natural choice for the easy access they provide to decks and patios, but what about when they refuse to slide properly? So long easy access! If your door is sticking or won’t slide at all, try these tips before calling for service:

las vegas sliding glass door

Sliding Glass Door

  • Clean the track: The most common issue by far in a sticky sliding door is a dirty track. When dirt and debris build up in your track, the rollers on the door are no longer able to glide properly and the door will get stuck. Try these easy steps to fix the problem:
  1. Using a stiff toothbrush or wire brush, vigorously scrub the track to loosen the dirt and debris.
  2. With the hose attachment, vacuum the track to remove all of the loosened dirt and debris.
  3. Spray a lubricant such as WD-40 or similar directly onto the track.


  • Adjust the rollers: If a thorough cleaning did not fix your problem, the issue may involve the rollers. Look for the adjusting screws for the rollers toward the bottom of the doors. They may be covered with a plastic cap. Pry off the cap and use a Philips screwdriver to raise or lower the roller to achieve the results you desire.


If after following the steps above your sliding patio door is still sticking, the problem is not a maintenance issue.  Your rollers may be worn out or damaged or there is a problem with the actual track itself. In either case, it’s time to call the professionals. Building Resource Limited sells the best doors in the business, and we would love to talk to you about replacing your patio doors. Call us to have a sliding door expert take a look at the problem today.