Selecting The Best Patio Door

When it comes to your patio door, you have options!  Different tastes, lifestyles, & your home’s current architectural designs will all play a part in your patio door decision.  The experts at Building Resource Limited are happy to walk you through your options, and help you choose the door that is just right for your home.

las vegas patio doors

Patio Door Replacement

In Las Vegas, most homeowners choose between sliding glass, or French doors when replacing their patio door.  The extreme temperatures here, don’t usually allow for large glass folding doors that run the width of a wall.  When making the decision, think about where the door is located and how you will be using it.  Is there room for the French doors to swing open into your living space?  How much privacy do you want?  You will have to taking into consideration how the door opens when choosing curtains and/or blinds.  Do have pets, and would one type of door be better for letting them in and out of the house?


Considerations when buying a new patio door:

  1. Glass: Glass is the biggest part of your new door. You want to balance function, safety, and aesthetics.  Look for low-E (energy saving), tempered glass for your patio door.  It will prevent UV damage inside the house, but will provide lots of natural light.  There are also decorative glass options, if you prefer.
  2. Material: maintenance is the fist concern when considering materials for a new patio door. Ideally, you would like as little maintenance as possible.  Vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum and clad-wood patio doors weather well and never need painting.
  3. Hardware: This includes patio door handles, roller assembly, locks & latches, rollers, security hardware, & guides. Some of these items come with the particular door that you choose, but others such as handles & locks, are easily customized to match the style of your home.


BRL would love to come out to your home and discuss your patio door options.  Give us a call for a free consultation, where we will help you decide on the perfect door and give a cost estimate.