Replacement Window Considerations

Welcome homeowners! If you wish to know the purchase and installation process of replacement windows, then you’re in the right place. We will guide you through the process of what to look for in replacement windows, picking the right windows that compliment your home’s style and needs, as well as how to select the right window contractor.

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Window Replacement in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Windows are a huge part of your home but they can often be compromised – Either from damage, wear and tear, or just from being exposed to the elements. Windows affect the comfort, brightness, ventilation and temperature of your home. They also play a key role in giving your home some architectural identity. This is the reason you need to know what to look for in replacement windows for practicality and aesthetics.

Replacing your windows options

There are 3 different window replacement options: sash replacement, full window replacement and insert window replacement.

  • The sash only approach is easy to install. It involves installing new sash, and jamb lined for improved and effective operation. However, this should be done in windows that are in good condition.
  • Insert windows, also known as retrofit windows, fit inside the existing frames; only the old window sashes and stops are removed. The existing moldings both inside and outside are not affected. However, this approach works only when the existing frames are well maintained, square and rot free.
  • Full window replacement involves removal the entire existing window. This is the ideal approach in cases where the old window is out of shape, has deteriorated or when a contemporary window size or style is desired.

Energy bills

Energy costs go up every year and they have become a key part of the monthly home budget. Doors and windows are one of the major sources for energy loss in many houses. Consider replacing your old windows with thermal insulated windows. These new energy saving windows have  Low E glass that can reduce your annual energy bills by up to 40 percent while at increasing your home value at the same time.


Warranty is another key thing to look for in replacement windows. Buy replacement windows that have a long lasting warranty to avoid maintenance issues.


Buying replacement windows might happen 1 to 2 times over the life of your home.  Because it isn’t a routine home improvement, having all the knowledge you need to make informed decisions is important.  Check with the BBB for a licensed, qualified contractor.  Get multiple estimates, and learn exactly what you are paying for, and why there might be a difference in price between windows. Building Resource Limited will be happy to come to your home and offer you a free consultation and estimate.  We will walk you through what we are inspecting and why, and will never try to upsell you.  Give us a call to schedule an appointment!