5 Things You Need to Know Before Buying A Patio Door

New doors are a great way to upgrade your home’s value, appearance and function. At Building Resource Limited we have a lot of options available to you as well as our team of experts which will make the installation of your new patio door is done correctly.

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Get New Patio Doors In Las Vgeas

Patio doors should be replaced when they fit poorly, being to separate at the corner seams, are difficult to open and close or are drafty. Your home may not have a patio door right now or possibly you want to install a second door that exits from a bedroom or home office. Whatever the case here are 5 things to consider:


  1. What size door do you need?

Measurements for your new door must be exact and are taken from several places including the inside dimensions of the frame. BRL’s team has over 30 years experience in the field and can ensure that every measurement taken is correct.


  1. What kind of materials do you want?

Weather is a factor when choosing the materials that you need for your door and vinyl patio doors are a great choice. Weather and temperature fluctuations in Nevada can really take a toll on wood whereas vinyl is long lasting and can handle weather and temperature stress.  Even better choosing an energy efficient door can offset the expense by saving you money on heating and cooling bills.


  1. Style.

There are French doors (hinged) and sliding patio doors. French doors are lovely and allow a lot of light to come in. They also take a bit longer to clean than sliding doors. Since French doors swing open it’s important to determine if you have enough space for them to swing in, if they will have to swing out or if space limitations require a sliding door.


  1. Placement.

If you are installing a patio door for the first time BRL can assist in determining the best place in the wall for installation including if you want to exit into the backyard from a kitchen or even a bedroom or both!


  1. Budget.

Given the variety of options available you will want to balance your budget considerations with the long term benefit of a high quality patio door to the value of your home and long term cost savings with an energy efficient door.


Patio doors should enhance your home’s appearance and your enjoyment of your home and yard. Let the experts at Building Resource Limited offer you a free consultation to assess your needs and explain your options for home improvement today!