Important Ways to Feel Safe at Home – Door Security

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Door Security Is Importat

Home safety is always a factor even more so in urban areas with higher crime rates. Some basic safety measures you can take are:

  • Always use the peep hole when someone knocks even if you think you know who it is. Get into the habit of check and double check just to be safe. Make sure that all your doors and windows are locked even when you’re at home.
  • Teach your children that when they come in for the day they need to remember to lock the doors behind them.
  • Teach children never to open the door for someone they don’t know and if needed teach children to ask even they people they know for a prearranged password before opening the door.
  • Keep track of who has house keys and if you have a cleaning service make sure to collect all keys before discontinuing services.
  • Never hide keys to your home outdoors!

What you may not know is that the most important role of your front and back doors are setting the standard for home security. Most people imagine that truly secure doors might be too utilitarian or aesthetically unpleasing however, it is important for you to know you can get secure doors that are also attractive.  Always make sure you are choosing a solid core door for your front and back doors.

Another type of safety and security door that you can have installed in your home by the professionals at Building Resource Limited is a Strikemaster II. With Strikemaster II, your home and its contents are protected.  The Strikemaster II as an effective means to prevent kick-in burglaries and has a 20-year record of successfully deterring kick in burglaries.

Our team of experts at BRL are knowledgeable about the various security door options, including the Strikemaster II and as mentioned above these days you can choose a security door, even up to the level of being bulletproof, while still being attractive and adding to your home’s curb appeal.

Regardless of whether you are looking for wood, steel or fiberglass, you can count on us to help you increase the level of security in your home through properly chosen and professionally installed security doors.

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