Is It Time for New Windows?

At Building Resource Limited Windows & Doors we know that most people don’t replace their windows as often as they should leading to increased energy costs and potential damage to the home. Old, loose or damaged windows may even decrease the value of your home.

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Window Replacement Might Be Your Best Choice

Some things to consider when to replace your windows are:


  • If your home is more than 15 years old you should get a consultation as energy standards in windows have changed. Industry improvements in efficient insulation in windows can add value, beauty and save you money in energy costs.
  • If you hear noise when the windows are opened or closed such as grinding, gritty or crunching sounds.
  • If you experience difficulty getting the window to go up and down and find yourself having to tug and push to move them. Windows should slide open and shut easily and nearly noiselessly.
  • When you visually inspect your windows and discover chips or places where the window pane may be coming loose from the frame itself, it’s time for new windows.
  • When you go outside and look around the frames to see if they are detaching from the home it’s time for new windows! This can happen as home age and shift. Unfortunately this often goes unnoticed by the homeowner until it’s too late and damage has been done.
  • When it becomes difficult to operate the locks you will want to upgrade and replace your windows for home safety concerns.
  • When you check around the windows and find drafts or places where there is condensation on the glass, trust us, it’s time!
  • When you see peeling paint. This can occur with the extreme temperature changes we experience in Las Vegas and the State of Nevada areas. Homes going through the expansion and contraction of extreme temperature changes can loosen windows and create damaging situations not to mention increasing your cooling bill!


You can call the professionals at Building Resource Limited – Windows & Doors and we can help you with this inspection process at no cost! Our expert team with over 30 years experience can advise you about improvements in windows, energy efficiency ratings and give you a good solid quote on replacement services. Call us now