Remember Windows & Doors When Prepping Your Home for Sale

There are so many things to remember when you are prepping your home to be sold! The staff at Building Resources Limited – Windows & Doors certainly can relate! You want to make sure that everything is done correctly so that you get the most back from your investment.

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You will certainly need to allow several days if not weeks to fully pack your personal and household items taking care to wrap glassware and other breakables in bubble wrap and not packing them too tightly.

You may have to line up a moving company and arrange for storage in your new area. You will be cleaning every surface just as you would want them to be cleaned if you were the new buyer. Most real estate agents recommend taking a look at the paint and changing everything to fresh neutral colors which are appealing to the majority of the population who may be looking to buy your home. You may need to upgrade appliances and window coverings.

You’ll be going through and sorting your belongings possibly donating some and clearing out storage areas however something that at times gets forgotten while prepping your home for sale is to inspect the condition of your windows and doors and consider that upgrading these can add significantly to the appeal of your home to prospective buyers.

As homes age and settle windows can become loose in their frames creating drafts and potential water damage. Window panes can sustain minor damage which can be missed unless you are doing a purposeful inspection. It’s possible that since the windows were originally installed that energy standards have changed which means there are likely new technologies available.  New windows and doors with the latest features and meeting industry standards  can increase the value of your home. Passing on energy savings to the new owners is just as important as new plants for curb appeal not to mention that new windows and doors shine out to people driving by just as new landscaping does.

The expert professionals at Building Resources Limited – Windows & Doors are ready and waiting to give you a consultation at no cost! Taking the time now to upgrade windows and doors to the latest technologies may increase the value of your home and it’s possible you can recoup your investment and increase your profit margin by doing so.


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