What You Need to Know About Screen Doors

Is it time to upgrade your home’s screen door or doors? Check your screen door for any areas where it may not be fitting tightly within your door frame. Have you noticed any increase in insects getting into the house? Does your door close smoothly and easily? Are you getting good air flow through the screen into your home or office? Is the screen fully intact especially at the corners? Go outside and look at your home as if you were seeing it for the first time: does your screen door add or detract from your home’s appearance or curb appeal?

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A poorly functioning screen door can allow in insects and rodents if not addressed. No one wants to have to deal with that issue or worse have to pay for expensive pest control services. If your screen door is aged and shabby this decreases your home’s value. If you have beautiful landscaping you will definitely want your screen door to match!

Screen doors offer another opportunity to add personality and style to your home. Screen doors come in a variety of styles such as wooden, vinyl, aluminum and steel screen doors in many different styles to suit the look and style of your home. You can also consider screen and storm  door combinations which allow for open air flow when you want it and energy efficient weather resistant storm doors when you slide up the glass panels.

Building Resource Limited Windows & Doors wants to be sure you maximize the value of your home with properly fitted and beautiful screen doors. Exact measurements are critical to both sliding screen doors and hinged screen doors. Our crews are experts at making sure measurements are done correctly the first time! One wrong measurement can mean wasted time waiting for another door to be made!


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