About Installing New Windows

You’ve decided to take the plunge and get new windows for your Las Vegas home. Maybe your windows are broken; perhaps you want to get more energy efficient windows; or maybe you just want to change the styling of your home. No matter the reason, swapping out the windows on your home can be a crucial part of any home makeover. Many homeowners, especially those with some DIY skills, are tempted to grab a friend or two and install the new windows themselves. While this may seem like a money-saving idea in theory, it is always better to hire professionals, like those at BRL.

las vegas home window replacement


Yes, you can find dozens if not hundreds of instructional guides for installing new windows on your home online. This doesn’t mean that you will know exactly what you are doing. To correctly install a window without damaging the surrounding wall or leaving a gap, you need to know the specifics of the operation. Only professionals with experience installing windows will be able to do so correctly the first time. The team at BRL can guarantee there won’t be any gaps or cracks along the edges of the windows, allowing air in and out of your Las Vegas home. Our experience also lets us spot potential issues, including structural problems, right away, saving time and money.

Staying Safe

Don’t forget that installing windows on your home can be dangerous, especially if you own one of the many Las Vegas buildings with multiple floors. Many windows can be hard to reach or awkward and most people simply aren’t comfortable enough maneuvering bulky windows, especially when on a ladder. Experts already have the necessary safety equipment and know the ideal procedures for safely installing windows on hard-to-reach areas.

Help With Everything

While the main part of installing new windows is the actual installation, you also have to think about selecting the proper ones for your home. Some of this will be personal preference, but professional advice can also be helpful. The team at BRL, for example, can tell you what types of windows will do the best in shady areas of your home, those that see direct sunlight, or oddly-shaped areas.

The experienced staff at BRL can help with every step of installing new windows on your Las Vegas home. Contact us today for help choosing the right windows and to schedule the installation.