3 Things To Consider When Having New Windows Installed

So you’ve decided to replace your home windows. Maybe they are old or broken or perhaps you just want to refresh your home or make it more environmentally friendly. Most people replace their windows because they are in bad shape, not very efficient, or simply unsafe. When it comes time to have your new windows installed, you will need to consider a few key things.

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  1. Who Will Install Them

The first thing to think about is who will install the windows. You may be tempted to save money by doing the job yourself, but this is not a good idea, especially in a climate like Las Vegas. If your windows aren’t installed properly, there will be gaps around the edges that let hot air inside, making your home very uncomfortable. Windows are also heavy and awkward, making them a challenge to install if you aren’t familiar with them. When looking for an installation professional, choose one with years of experience, such as BRL.

  1. Energy Efficiency

It is always a good idea to consider energy efficient home windows as opposed to other options. If you want to go green, always pick an Energy Star window, but there are even more considerations. You can look at the rating given by the National Fenestration Rating Council, a non-profit that assigns an efficiency rating based on condensation resistance, air leakage, visible transmittance, and the solar heat gain coefficient.

  1. Types Of Windows

You will also have to consider the type of window that you want for your home. Do you want the classic style window, a bay window, a picture window, a sliding window, a window that opens outward, or another style? What material do you want for the frame? Aluminum is affordable and strong but not very efficient or durable. Fibrex is expensive but durable and efficient. You may also like wood or fiberglass frames.

If you are planning on having new home windows installed, then schedule an appointment with BRL. We have years of experience working in Las Vegas, giving us the knowledge necessary to recommend appropriate windows for your home and complete the installation safely and correctly.