All About French Doors!

Whether you are looking to replace interior or exterior doors on your home, you will want to consider all types. French doors are among the most popular as they can create an elegant look for any space. They also provide a nice, wide opening that many people appreciate, particularly if they occasionally move larger objects, such as tables, through the doorway. Before deciding whether French doors are right for your Las Vegas home, you will want to learn a little bit more about them.

las vegas french doors

What Are French Doors

French doors are sometimes referred to as French windows and they are doors made up of multiple glass panels. The most common and traditional version of French doors will be a pair with hinges that swing inside or out. You can find them on the exterior portion of Las Vegas homes, leading to gardens, patios, or balconies. Many people also have them inside their home between two related rooms; the doors can be shut for privacy or left open to create a wide doorway between the two rooms, connecting them.

Why People Choose French Doors

Our clients at BRL ask us to install French doors for them for a wide range of reasons. Some people simply like the visual benefits of connecting two spaces, whether they are both inside or one is inside and one outside. They are also great for Las Vegas residents who want to extend their summer patio area to the inside. If, for example, you are hosting a gathering, you can open the double French doors leading from the living room or dining room to the patio and have a large party space.

French doors are also a great way to let extra sunlight in without opening them and letting cool air out since they are made up of glass. If a room leading to the outside of your home doesn’t have windows, French doors are a great way to let natural light in as well.

Styles And Other Options

French doors have evolved over time and now you can find doors with a single window pane or those with 10 or more panes. The frames may be made of fiberglass, aluminum, steel, or wood and the glass might be clear or opaque.

If you are thinking about installing French doors in your Las Vegas home, schedule an appointment with BRL. Our team can evaluate your property and let you know what will be involved in making the space suitable for French doors. We can then work with you to choose your ideal model and complete the installation.