Making Your Home’s Entry Welcoming

The entryway is the first thing visitors to your home will notice, so you want to make it as welcoming as possible. If you have a large budget for your renovation project, you can do some major remodeling and even change the style of your front entry door. For those with less to spend, there are ways to upgrade your existing features and make them more inviting at minimal cost.

las vegas entry door

Lead To The Entrance

Having a welcoming entryway is about more than just the front entry door. You also have to pay attention to what people see as they approach. Simply adding a path or walkway to your front door can help create a more inviting atmosphere. If you have a larger budget, consider adding some pillars along the path to create an effect similar to a hallway.

Use Lighting Correctly

At night or during the winter, light plays a key role in the entrance to any Las Vegas home. Use it to your advantage by positioning lights so the front entrance is well-lit. Try to light up the front of your home as well so people can easily find your front door. Just be sure to put slightly brighter lights or more of them by the front door than the overall front façade.

Add Some Decoration

If the entry to your home is simply a door and bare walls, it doesn’t look inviting, even if there is a nice pathway. Add a few touches such as flowers or other potted plants. You can even hang up some outdoor artwork or set up a mosaic focal point on the wall.

Choose Your Door Correctly

Don’t underestimate the role your front entry door has in creating a welcoming atmosphere either. If it looks worn out or is old, consider replacing it or at least giving it a new coat of paint. You should also consider the style of door to figure out what is most inviting for your space. Consider a door with windows that let light into your home and give guests the idea that you are willing to show them the interior, even if the windows are frosted.

The team at BRL can help you figure out which front entry door and windows will be right for your Las Vegas home. We can work with you to design a truly welcoming entryway.