Parts And Materials Of Patio Doors

Your patio doors are made up of two main components: the frame and the glass. This is true whether you have a sliding patio door or one that swings in and out on a hinge. Most of the glass will be the same, although it can be clear, frosted, opaque, or even etched with a design. The bigger question is figuring out which material you want for the frame of your patio doors.

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Vinyl Doors

Going with vinyl patio doors gives you a budget-friendly and efficient option that is able to withstand elements. Just keep in mind that dramatic temperature changes may lead to cracks and vinyl doors are more flammable. These are minor issues though.

Wood Doors

A traditional and elegant option for your patio doors is those with a wooden frame. They will have a distinctive appearance and it is very easy to repair small scratches. Wood patio doors will be more expensive, but they make up for this with energy efficiency. They also require a bit more regular maintenance than other materials and make eventually warp or fade from the heat or sun.

Steel Doors

If you are more concerned about sturdiness and durability in your Las Vegas patio doors as opposed to style, then you will want to consider wood. They have good energy efficiency due to their great insulation and they are easier to maintain and more affordable than wood. They can, however, rust or become dented. They may also get very hot in the height of summer. You can even pick clad-wood doors which are wood ones with metal on top for the benefits of both.

Aluminum Doors

Aluminum doors are similar to steel patio ones in that they don’t need much upkeep and are sturdy. They are also popular for their energy efficiency, affordable pricing, and light weight. They are, however, even easier to dent than steel doors.


The popularity of fiberglass has spread to patio doors as well, making it a top choice among materials. They can mimic the appearance of wood doors without any floors. They barely require maintenance and are energy efficient. They can also handle changing weather and won’t deteriorate, rot, or warp.

The team at BRL can help you figure out which of the various patio door materials is right for your Las Vegas home and then complete the installation for you in a timely manner.