Types Of Windows

Whether you are building a new Las Vegas home or simply renovating your current one, you will have to decide what type of windows you want. Most people realize that there are at least several different varieties of windows, but you may not realize the extent of options available. Working with a professional company like BRL will give you access to all these window varieties, making it important to at least have an idea of what each type is.

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Awning windows have a top hinge and swing outwards. They are great if you like keeping windows open on rare rainy days in Las Vegas and you can use them to let out hot air. Because they are small, these are one of the types of windows with minimal ventilation.


One of the most popular types of windows is a casement window. These have a hinge on the left or right side then open outward via a crank handle. They are great for ventilation and leak a low amount of air. The crank does annoy some people however, and they require room to swing out.

Double Hung

Double hung windows have two movable panels which slide open and closed vertically. You can open both sides and let cool air enter from the bottom and warm air leave the top. They can also be easy to clean. There is, however, a horizontal rail in the middle that some people don’t like.


Gliding windows have moving panels which slide left or right to open. They don’t require room to open outwards or inwards and are easy to open. You can easily add a fixed screen as well, but they have the limitation of only opening from a single side at once.


Picture or fixed windows can have a range of shapes but won’t open. This means they don’t work for ventilation and it is hard to clean the exterior, but you don’t have to worry about air leakage.


Skylights are popular for those who want to let light in the roof of their home. You can get fixed skylights or ones that open. They can even come with remote-control blinds, but you have to go on the roof to clean the outside.

The team at BRL can help you sort through the various types of windows and figure out which is right for your Las Vegas home.