Ways To Improve Energy Efficiency

Living in Las Vegas, you most likely spend a lot of money every month paying for the electric bills to keep your air conditioning running. You can save money on this and do your part to help the planet by making your home more energy efficient. In addition to choosing energy efficient appliances, you can also make some adjustments to your doors or windows. Ideally, you will replace them with energy efficient windows and doors, but this isn’t always within a person’s budget. You can do some smaller tasks as well that will help with efficiency.

las vegas energy efficient

Caulk and Weatherstrip

If you are on a budget, then simply take the time to caulk and add weather-stripping to your existing windows and doors. This will fill in any small gaps and cracks around the frames and reduce drafts and leaks. Some estimates even say that you will pay for the cost of caulking plus weather-stripping within a year due to savings on your utility bill.

Use Window Dressings

You can actually make your current windows more efficient just by adding the right window dressings. Curtains don’t prevent drafts, but they can decrease your discomfort. Some estimates say that installing drapes can even reduce the heat loss by up to 25 percent. You can expect a similar figure when it comes to losing cool air as well.

Apply A Window Film

Another great way to get energy efficient windows without investing in new ones is window films. You can find a wide range of options from BRL, ranging from basic to advanced options. Cheaper options simply add an extra coating to your window for added insulation. Some of the best ones, such as Low-Emissivity films, will reduce the amount of infrared heat transfer from the exterior and interior panes of your window, helping keep your home a comfortable temperature without cranking up your air conditioning or heating. Even this option will be significantly cheaper than replacing your windows completely.

The team at BRL can inspect your Las Vegas home to figure out what options for energy efficient windows work for you. We can offer suggestions and work with you to replace your windows with more efficient ones, simply apply Low-Emissivity window films, or improve efficiency in another way.