Benefits of a New Front Door

Installing a new front door is one of the quickest ways of upgrading the exterior of a home and enhancing its curb appeal. Not to mention, a new front door is a low-cost option, and also offers various functionality benefits as well.

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To start off, a new front door that is energy efficient is a great weatherproofing addition to your home. A new door will have better insulation properties which allows for better temperature stability inside the house in summers and winters. While a solid wooden door has its benefits, you should opt for a fiberglass or windowless steel door for better insulation.


Modern doors are more secure than previous ones due to new manufacturing technologies. This is especially true of good quality steel and fiberglass doors that come with superior locking features for increased security. The latest adhesives are stronger, and techniques like industrial lasers make doors even sturdier. In addition, new doors are durable as well, which make them a great long-term investment.

Curb Appeal

As mentioned at the outset, adding a new front door is one of the fastest ways to improve the curb appeal of your property. You can select a door that matches the architecture of your house and you can choose a color that either matches or contrasts with the shutters, trim, and siding.

A Uniquely New Look for your Home

This follows from the previous point. With the varieties available on the market, you can select a door design and color that is truly unique and achieve a new look for your house. Ideas include:

  • Doors with sidelights or transom for more natural light
  • For a crisp appearance, you can go for blue, purple, green, or other softer shades
  • To add visual energy, you can go for yellow, orange, red, or other bright hues

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