How To Secure Windows In Homes With Children

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All homes have windows, and as such, they can pose serious risks to children in the house. While the windows in your house are there to add beauty to the property and also providing temperature control and natural lighting, they also provide little children a clear view of the world outside, which makes them want to go out. Another serious hazard involves children falling from windows, and this is a fairly common occurrence in households across the US. In the following paragraphs, you are going to learn some simple tips to make your windows more secure.

Common Types of Windows and How to Make them Child-Proof

Many homes have “sliding windows”, which can be opened and closed by sliding horizontally. To ensure that your children are not able to slide these windows open, you can attach a window guard, a charley bar, or a window stop.

Other homes have “hung windows”, and these can also be made childproof by installing a window stop, such as a window wedge. It is easy to install and is highly durable.

Another common window type is casement windows. While these can also be secured with a window guard, you should also remove the crank handles. You can unscrew them easily, so that the child has no lever to pull the window open.

Other Tips for Preventing Window Related Accidents

Apart from the above-mentioned information, you can use these simple tips to keep your children safe from window related accidents:

  • When not around, keep the windows locked shut
  • Remove furniture or any other object that your children can use to reach the windows
  • Remove any objects from the children’s reach that they use to open or break the windows

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