How Do I Know when to Replace Windows?

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Adding new windows to your property can be an expensive affair. That is why it is necessary to know when to replace your windows so that you don’t waste your money. Nevertheless, new windows offer a host of advantages, such as energy efficiency and enhancing the curb appeal of a house. In the following paragraphs, you will learn the factors that warrant a window replacement.

For Increasing Home Value

Firstly, while new windows don’t come cheap, they can pay off in the long-run when you are selling your property or offering it to tenants. New windows increase the value of the house, especially if they are aesthetically appealing, or if they are energy efficient (or both). So if you are putting your house on the market, it is a good to replace windows then if you haven’t already done so.

For Weatherproofing the House

New windows can weather proof your house and lower your heating bills. Yes, you can repair leaky and broken windows, but this doesn’t work in all cases. For examples, your windows maybe stuck and not open at all or you window frames may have bended beyond repair. In such cases, you can weatherproof your house with new windows. In summers, you can opt for windows with spectrally selective coatings or high-performance glance to reduce heat gain. Likewise, when the temperature is cooler, you can install gas-filled windows.

For Energy Efficiency

Finally and most importantly, new windows can make your home energy efficient. This, by the way, contributes to both of the above-listed benefits, namely that energy efficient homes have a higher market value and incur lower energy expenses. Remember that windows contribute more or less 25% of energy loss in the home, so new energy efficient windows are definitely beneficial. Note that it may take a while before new windows pay off in energy savings, but you still get benefits of improved aesthetics and added comfort.

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