New Windows Can Help Your Winter Heating Bill

While many people love the winter, no one wants the massive heating bills. Fortunately, there are many ways in which you can reduce your heating bills in the winter season. In this article, we are going to discuss how installing new windows can help you in this regard.

las vegas winter windows

Why Replace Windows In Winter?

Windows have a direct impact on the insulation of the house. Windows account for at least 25% of the heat loss, and hence your heating bill is impacted accordingly. That is why taking care of your windows in the winter season will make your home warmer and reduce the pressure on your furnaces.

Replacing windows is a costly ordeal, but sometimes it is necessary. Examples include:

  • Seal on the glass panels of a double-paned window fails
  • Windows become fogged because air and moisture have entered inside
  • The window frames have warped
  • The windows have jammed

If you have just brought the house, you can even replace the old windows with Energy Star labeled ones. This will not only weatherproof your home, but also give you tax credits.

Other Ways to Retain More Heat Inside the House

There are many ways in which you make your home warmer during winters. For instance, you should lock your windows early in the evening instead of simply closing them to avoid cold air to infiltrate the home. You can also cover your windows with inexpensive clear plastic film, which will not ruin the appearance of your window but will reduce heat loss can save reduce your heating bill by more than 10%.

However, if your windows have not been replaced for a long-time and if you are looking for lasting efficiency, you should definitely go for new windows. If you reside in Las Vegas, contact Building Resource Limited for the best installation of new windows.