Benefits Of Energy Efficient Windows In Las Vegas

You know that energy efficient windows sound like a good idea, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you understand all of the benefits you will get from them. Anyone can benefit from efficient windows, but this is particularly true in areas like Las Vegas where the weather is extremely hot and humid.

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Save Money On Energy

The biggest benefit you will notice from energy efficient windows on your Las Vegas home is your savings on your regular electricity bills. Since energy efficient windows don’t have to overcompensate for air entry and leakage year-round, the air conditioning and heating systems in your home don’t have to work as hard. This results in less energy spent and you are likely to experience savings of between 7 and 31 percent.

Fewer Drafts

In addition to being more efficient, energy efficient windows tend to have fewer drafts since they were specifically constructed to reduce these. Cold glass can lead to an unpleasant draft when the air by the window cools down and lowers to the floor, creating a drafty feel.

Reduced Condensation

Opting for energy efficient windows will give you low-E glass which is protected by metal in a thin layer. This glass will repel condensation which can build up on your windows in varying weather conditions. That condensation can be very annoying and in cool weather, it can make the room feel colder, making you crank up the heat.

Better Light And Improved Views

Unlike traditional windows, energy efficient ones don’t require any tinting in order to work. Since tinting can reduce the visible light and also obstruct views, the lack of tinting improves your experience when looking out of your windows.

Limited Damage To Furniture

You may not think about it much, but the UV rays of the sun that come in through the windows in your Las Vegas home can also fade wood, carpet, paper, fabric, and artwork, effectively damaging your furniture. Since the energy efficient coatings found on your glass reduce UV rays by as much as 75 percent, this damage is limited.


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