Get To Know The Parts Of A Window

Before you replace your windows, you should learn a bit more about them. Windows are more complicated than many people realize and as you get to know the different parts of a window, you will be better equipped to choose the right ones for your home. If you know the various parts, you will understand what your contractor tells you about the available window options or simply comprehend more when you do your own independent research.

las vegas parts of a window

The Frame And The Sash

There are three main parts of the window that you need to know. The frame is the portion that is on the outermost of the window and is also sometimes referred to as the casing. The sash is the area inside that keeps the glass in place. To give you a mental image, if you have a single-hung window, the sash is the part you slide when opening the window. This glass is the final main component and pretty self-explanatory.

Parts Of The Frame

The frame is further divided into three stops. The sill is the horizontal strip that runs along the bottom of the frame and one that most people are familiar with. The head is the top horizontal portion of the frame, sitting directly opposite the sill. Finally, the jamb is the vertical sides of the frame that connect these components.

Parts Of The Sash

The sash is an equally complicated, featuring rails, stiles, and grilles. Stiles are the vertical components within the stash and the rails are the horizontal areas. Some windows also have grilles, any dividing lines that are inside the glass or on the exterior of the glass. Remember that the glass sits inside the sash and this component may also be referred to as the window pane.

With your new knowledge of the parts of a window, you are ready to start shopping for your home’s next set of windows. Give us a call now to schedule a free estimate!