Solid Core Vs Hollow Core Doors

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You may not realize it if you haven’t shopped for doors before, but there are actually multiple types of doors. The most common are solid core and hollow core doors and as these names implies, they differ in terms of their cores, at least to some extent.

What Each Type Is

Hollow core doors aren’t actually hollow despite their name. Instead of being hollow, there is a cardboard honeycomb between the wood veneer or press-board. This cardboard simply blocks sound slightly and provides some additional structure. Solid core doors will be made with a composite wood or Masonite core and they can be painted or have a wood veneer. Of course, you can also opt for a solid wood door which is made completely from natural wood. These will be more expensive but otherwise feature most benefits of solid core doors.


Most people who are interested in hollow core doors like these because they are much more affordable. While the savings may be small per door, they can quickly add up, particularly in terms of larger homes with dozens of doors.


While hollow core doors tend to be more affordable, solid core ones are much better at blocking sound because of their construction. Therefore, those searching for privacy will prefer this type. Many people also appreciate the solid feel of solid core doors.

Installation And Durability

Because they are much heavier and the particle wood is denser, solid core doors tend to be a bit harder to install than hollow core ones, although a professional will be able to easily install either part. Because the particle wood is dense, you will notice better performance along with durability.


Because of their construction, solid core doors are actually more resistant to fire than hollow core ones. This increases their chances of isolating a fire, making them a great choice for dorms, apartments, or other areas where a fire could spread quickly.


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