The 5 Tips For Choosing The Right Interior Door

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Choosing the right interior door requires a whole different set of considerations than you would have to deal with when it comes to exterior doors. While you want them to be secure, interior doors don’t need to be as strong as those protecting your home from invaders. You will still, however, need to consider a few important things to find the right interior door.

Consider Soundproofing

Doors are one of the many ways that you can prevent sound from traveling throughout your home. While even the best door can make up for extremely thin walls, it can minimize the amount of noise that gets out of the room. Take some time to consider how much noise you need a given door to absorb and find the balance between that and cost, since soundproof doors tend to cost a bit more.

Think About Door Styles

While most people just put a traditional panel door on the various rooms in their homes, there are other options as well. Bifold doors will fold into each other and can be great for closets, your laundry room, or your kitchen pantry. You should also consider French doors for areas where you need to divide common areas from each other. Don’t forget to think about pocket doors, which are sliding doors that disappear into the wall.

Compare Solid Core Vs Hollow Core

You will also need to think about if you want a solid core door or hollow core door. Hollow core doors are cheaper, lighter, and easier to install. Solid core doors are more expensive, more durable, and better at soundproofing.

Look At Handles

In addition to choosing the right door, you will also want to take a look at the handles that can work with it. Think about the style of handle you prefer and what type of design you want.

Consider Material And Finishes

The vast majority of interior doors will be made from wood or something similar, but there are other options available as well. You should also consider the type of finish you want on the door, whether that is a veneer or paint.

BRL Is Now Specializing In Exterior Doors Only

Our specialty for the last thirty years here in Las Vegas has been windows and exterior doors. We have served thousands of homeowners and businesses happily through those years. While we hope this blog post helps you in choosing the right door for your home, we are no longer installing interior doors but we can gladly refer you to the right contractor to complete your job!