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The 5 Tips For Choosing The Right Interior Door

Choosing the right interior door requires a whole different set of considerations than you would have to deal with when it comes to exterior doors. While you want them to be secure, interior doors don’t need to be as strong as those protecting your home from invaders. You will still, however, need to consider a […]

Solid Core Vs Hollow Core Doors

You may not realize it if you haven’t shopped for doors before, but there are actually multiple types of doors. The most common are solid core and hollow core doors and as these names implies, they differ in terms of their cores, at least to some extent. What Each Type Is Hollow core doors aren’t […]

Does Your Interior Door Stick?

Sticky interior doors can be very frustrating because they can cause interference every time you enter and leave your house. Fortunately, there are some tricks you can try on your own before you call for a replacement or repair.   Keep it clean: Dust and residue can collect around your door, especially during periods of […]

Updating And Improving Interior Doors

If the interior doors around your home look old and outdated, you can spruce them up and make them look fresh and new. Interior doors get a lot of use because people are going in and out of rooms throughout the inside of the house all day, so it’s important to maintain them. There are […]

Which Type Of Door Should I Choose?

If you need to replace the interior doors throughout your home and you aren’t sure what type of door to use, your choices will include slab doors or pre-hung options. The door that is best for you will be determined by the current condition of the doorway. If your door is damaged, and the door […]

Dealing with a Door that Won’t Close

Are you dealing with a door that you have to push hard to close, and then pull with both hands to open? This door may not just be an annoyance, but it could be causing other problems for your home and budget. Over time the house is going to settle and the foundation is going […]

Consider Replacing Your Interior Doors

If it always sounds like people are slamming doors when they close and interior door in your home, and sound carries from room to room, it’s time to replace your interior doors. At the time the home was built, hollow doors were probably the most affordable option, but they can be problematic. Replacing the hollow […]

Types Of Interior Doors

Interior doors do much more than merely block out sound and provide privacy! Different materials and a wide variety of hardware and moldings can make your interior doors one of the most attractive attributes of your home. Below are some interior door types, brought to you by your door specialists in Las Vegas – BRL! […]

Interior Door Replacement

Why would anyone want to replace interior doors? They are only there to give you some privacy in a particular space, aren’t they? Well… have you looked at your interior doors lately to see if they enhance your house and fit in with its décor? Interior doors can make or break the inside appearance of […]

Information About Interior Doors

At Building Resource Limited – Windows & Doors, we repair, maintain and install interior doors of all different styles. Whether you’re looking for a single door to match the existing doors in your home, or to replace all of your interior doors to a different style, we can help.  We can provide a variety of […]