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Entry Doors Las Vegas

The entry doors to our homes welcome us and visitors to our home. It comes as no surprise then that we prefer them to suit our personality and compliment the appearance of our homes. Entry doors however have other very important roles to play: the ones of keeping us as safe as possible and being […]

Why should I have professional door installation?

Installing a door might seem like an easy task. One tends to think that it’s just a matter of finding another standard door and putting it where the old one was. However – having bought the incorrect size door is a common mistake among do-it-yourself enthusiasts. Apart from this, you could encounter all sorts of […]

About French Doors

French Door FAQs   What Types Of Doors Are Considered French Doors? French doors are a pair of doors that are made up of framed glass panels, with or without decorative panes. They typically do not have a center jamb so they create a wide space when both sides are opened.   Do They Only […]

Patio Door Choices

  At BRL we know that our Las Vegas customers want their patio doors to make a statement about how they relax. They also want them to add to the aesthetics of their homes and patios, allow easy access to unrestricted views outside, and let natural light into their homes. We know that we have […]

Components Of Your Patio Door

  Are you trying to choose the perfect patio door for your home?  You want something that looks good but there’s more to consider than appearance when selecting a product. Knowing the door’s components can ensure you get a durable and stylish sliding door that will fit your home’s needs for years to come. The […]

Door Security

                        Each year, over 2 million burglaries are reported in the United States. Every 13 seconds a home intrusion occurs. Although thieves prefer the easy access of an open window or door, this entry method only accounts for 30% of break ins. Most intrusions […]