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How to Make your Home Green

No, this is not an article on gardening. By “green” we mean eco-friendly. Sure, you can make your house eco-friendly with gardening, which is kind of obvious. However, in the following paragraphs, we will list down 7 simple tips to make your house eco-friendly and energy-efficient. #5 Get Some Stars When shopping for energy appliances, […]

Ways To Improve Energy Efficiency

Living in Las Vegas, you most likely spend a lot of money every month paying for the electric bills to keep your air conditioning running. You can save money on this and do your part to help the planet by making your home more energy efficient. In addition to choosing energy efficient appliances, you can […]

Types Of Windows

Whether you are building a new Las Vegas home or simply renovating your current one, you will have to decide what type of windows you want. Most people realize that there are at least several different varieties of windows, but you may not realize the extent of options available. Working with a professional company like […]

Why Should I Invest in Energy Efficient Windows?

For these 5 Reasons and more: When selecting windows for energy efficiency, it’s important to consider their energy performance ratings in relation to your climate and your home’s design. This will help narrow your selection. Over the first few years they can pay for themselves leaving you happily saving money thereafter. You’ll find that you […]

Energy Efficient Windows Explained

As Americans try to live greener lifestyles, you hear more and more talk about energy efficiency. This especially applies to windows. Energy efficient windows not only make your home more comfortable, they lower your heating and cooling bills too. So what sets energy efficient windows apart from regular windows? Special Coatings: Energy-efficient windows feature glass […]

Don’t Let Energy Savings Fly Out The Front Door

You’re front door does a great job of controlling who you allow to enter and exit your home, but is it also causing hot or cold air to pass through too? If you’ve noticed a spike in your heating or cooling bills, your front door might just be the culprit. Here’s some easy ways to […]

Why Should I Replace My Windows?

Windows are a great way to bring light and fresh air into your home, but those qualities can also hurt your wallet when it comes time to pay your heating and cooling bills. Even though your windows may look fine, they could be costing you a lot by causing your heating and air conditioning units […]

Saving Money With Replacement Windows

It may seem like an oxymoron—you can save money by spending money? Actually, it couldn’t be truer. If you plan on spending the next few years in your home, you will end up saving money by upgrading your home’s existing windows to new, energy-efficient models. Here’s why: They Block UV Light: Harmful UV rays are […]

Energy Efficient Windows For The Home

Heating bills can be plaguing over the winter if you have poor windows, and poor windows can be the cause of high electricity bills in the winter. Replacing your windows or improving the windows that you have can improve your heating and cooling efficiency. Here are a few things that you can try on your […]

Energy Efficient Windows

Building Resource Limited – Windows & Doors(BRL) is located in Las Vegas. With each window replacement project we work on, we make sure it’s designed to make the windows more energy efficient and is headed towards cutting down energy costs. BRL is always on the cutting edge of technology. We have partnered with third party […]