French Patio Doors

french patio doors leading into a las vegas backyard.

French Patio Doors by BRL


For beauty plus functionality, you may opt to choose a French patio door for your building project. French patio doors are patio doors that are hinged so they can allow in the light while at the same time, enabling a better view of the outdoors. They provide attractive accents for your home.

These particular doors are made of various materials and are available in a variety of colors. You may opt for wood, fiberglass or a metal frame, such as steel. Some French patio doors come complete with blinds so you can limit the amount of light that you let in during a specific time of the day.

There are several things to consider when selecting French patio doors. These doors come in one panel, two panel or three panel configurations. The configuration you choose is dependent upon room size and the size of door you need for your entry.

French patio doors are also energy efficient, sealing tightly at the top, center and bottom of the door. You can choose doors that swing in or swing out. When you choose the right door, you can make a significant impact on your home energy costs.

With a variety of exterior colors and interior finishes, there are doors that complement any home design and decor. Several top manufacturers offer high quality, reliable French patio doors that will last for decades.

For more information about French patio doors and for help making the perfect selection for your home, contact one of our knowledgeable experts. We will help you get the perfect doors installed as soon as possible!