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Milled Front Door


Finding Milled Doors From Building Resource Limited – Windows & Doors

At BRL’s Windows & Doors we offer door milling and hinge mortising in house. Whether you are looking for a new door slab, maybe one with a cut-out for a door light to add a new look to your home, or a custom pre-hung door built to fit your existing opening, we are the experienced professionals needed to get the job done right..


The main ingredient in all milled doors is going to be wood but there are several different types of wood that you can find. Some of the most popular types of wood doors that Building Resource Ltd.  installs include Knotty Alder, Oak, Knotty Pine, Pine, Hemlock and Fir. This means that even if you don’t want to stain the door, you will have plenty of options in terms of shade.


Another great thing that you will notice about the milled doors offered by Building Resource Limited – Windows & Doors is that there is a huge variety in terms of style. Whether you are looking for an exterior door to make your home more elegant or one to make your home stand out among a row of tract houses, you will see we have plenty of options. There are custom front doors, basic  doors  to replace a worn out door and even fancier double door options. We have so many other choices depending on your preferences.


Word Of Caution

Before you start looking for milled doors, you should take a moment to consider the Las Vegas climate. Because it is incredibly hot for a good portion of the year, some types of untreated wood may not be ideal for exterior doors as they are prone to warping. Milled doors will always be fine with some type of sun coverage and even in direct Las Vegas sun there are options that will work for exterior doors as well; simply be sure to ask one of the experts at Building Resource Limited – Windows & Doors before making your selection.


BRL’s windows and doors offers cutting, trimming, milling, mortising and shop in-house!