Sliding Glass Doors

sliding glass door leading to a backyard garden

Sliding Glass Doors by BRL

Sliding glass doors have been popular additions in homes for decades. However, they have evolved throughout the years. While the traditional design is still available, there are more contemporary and modern designs on the market as well.

These doors consist of at least two glass panels. When opening the door, one panel glides smoothly past another panel so it saves room both inside and outside the home.

These doors come in a variety of configurations, such as two panels or four panels. The doors are also available in different materials, such as wood, fiberglass and metal. A variety of exterior and interior colors and finishes are available to complement the decor and the design of any home.

These doors are not only space savers, they are also used for aesthetic beauty, functionality and energy efficiency. You can choose traditional glass, safety glass or tinted glass, depending on your needs for your home.

For easy access in and out of your home you may find a sliding glass door beneficial. These doors are perfect for areas where you entertain, such as patios, decks or the area that leads to the swimming pool.

A variety of manufacturers make high quality, attractive sliding glass doors. If you are in the market for new sliding glass doors, let us help you with your selection and installation. You will be amazed at the results when we finish your project.