Duct Sealing By BRL

duct sealing by BRL

Duct sealing could save you money


Duct sealing is an economical way to make drastic improvements in energy efficiency. During the process, a team of experienced professionals come into your home or business and seal or close off any leaks in the air ducts. The project will reduce air leakage while optimizing efficiency.

By having a more energy efficient home, you can literally save thousands of dollars throughout the years. Energy efficient projects basically pay for themselves in no time. When your duct system has been properly sealed, your air conditioning unit will work much better and more efficiently because hot or humid air will not be allowed to enter the ductwork.

Duct sealing also prevents cold air from entering the duct system and requiring your heating unit to overdo it. Thus, you will use a significantly lower amount of energy to get the temperature of your home at its optimal level. Duct sealing keeps air out and allows the air of the desired temperature to properly flow to its destination.

There are two ways to properly seal ducts. The first way is to use mesh tape to close off all openings, lose connections or holes, while the second way to is to mastic tape to prevent leakage. Call on the team of professionals are BRL’s Windows and Doors to provide duct sealing in those hard to get to areas.

We guarantee that the project will be completed right and you will be able to tell a difference right away. Call us at (702) 876-6579 to ask about duct sealing services