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The Right Door For The Right Room

When you stop to think about it every room in your house has a different function so when you are considering replacing your doors you have to consider what you want the door to the room to accomplish.   Does it need to block sound, light, burglars and weather? What material should it be made […]

Is The Expense Worth It When Buying Replacement Doors?

The short answer? Absolutely. Cheap doors might sound better for your checkbook, but they can cost you more in the long-run. On the same note, we would never want to spend more than you can afford!                               Ok, a few things […]

Aren’t All Doors Wood?

Unless you’ve recently purchased new exterior doors, you may not give too much thought to what they’re made out of. When it is time to replace your front door, it can be overwhelming when you find out that not all doors are the same and the different materials that they are available in have unique […]

Which Type Of Door Should I Choose?

If you need to replace the interior doors throughout your home and you aren’t sure what type of door to use, your choices will include slab doors or pre-hung options. The door that is best for you will be determined by the current condition of the doorway. If your door is damaged, and the door […]

Dealing with a Door that Won’t Close

Are you dealing with a door that you have to push hard to close, and then pull with both hands to open? This door may not just be an annoyance, but it could be causing other problems for your home and budget. Over time the house is going to settle and the foundation is going […]

Ways to let sunshine into your winter home

When we allow natural sunlight into our homes in winter we automatically reduce our carbon footprint. If our homes are not built with most of the windows facing north or south like the old folks used to before electricity became available everywhere, we already have a problem. A dark home can really sap our energy […]


We at Building Resource Limited have put in high quality door installation and replacement services closer to you. Our doors provide top security and can be trusted for any home. We value your peace of mind and the comfort that comes from knowing that your home is secured. Above all, our doors come in several […]

Solid Core vs Hollow Core doors – when and why would you use each kind

So – you are thinking of replacing one or more doors in your home or you are shopping for doors for your new home and you know that the best known types are solid core doors and hollow core doors. However, which one should you use where.. and why? BRL Windows and Doors are happy […]

Energy Star

  ENERGY STAR products in the building industry include residential windows, doors, skylights, roof products and sealing and insulation products. Products that qualify as ENERGY STAR products will have the distinctive ENERGY STAR label on them. However – when you check the label, also make sure that they product you are considering buying, is a […]