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Commercial Doors

  Two things that business owners look for in exterior doors are safety and energy efficiency. Steel doors offer both in addition to other features that will make you want to choose them for your next purchase. They’re Solid: Unlike hollow or foam core doors, steel doors cannot be kicked in. Although weight concerns prevent […]

Aren’t All Doors Wood?

Unless you’ve recently purchased new exterior doors, you may not give too much thought to what they’re made out of. When it is time to replace your front door, it can be overwhelming when you find out that not all doors are the same and the different materials that they are available in have unique […]

Tips for Purchasing New Doors

When it’s time to replace your exterior doors, you need more than something that just looks nice. You also need to be concerned with security, energy efficiency and maintenance. Not all doors are created equal. Here’s what you need to know:   Materials Matter : You need to make sure you select a door constructed […]