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All About French Doors!

Whether you are looking to replace interior or exterior doors on your home, you will want to consider all types. French doors are among the most popular as they can create an elegant look for any space. They also provide a nice, wide opening that many people appreciate, particularly if they occasionally move larger objects, […]

French Doors

Can’t you just picture it? You are stepping onto your patio with your cup of coffee and today’s newspaper through a pair of beautiful French doors. Oh wait… you still have that old sliding glass door that came with the house?  It’s time for you to upgrade to the elegance and style that only French […]

Are Bugs Coming In Your French Doors?

If you have noticed ants, flies and other pests are becoming a problem throughout your home, these insects may be entering through your french doors. You don’t want to end up with a bad pest infestation because you didn’t give your french door the proper attention that they need throughout the year. Check for the […]

Have You Been Considering French Doors?

Looking to make a bold statement with your door outside the patio or a grander entrance into your new house in Las Vegas? At Building Resource Limited – Windows & Doors we offer a wide variety of options for easy access to your home, or an different way onto your patio area. Our traditional craftsmanship […]