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Facts About Doors

Most of us know what residential and commercial doors are used for. We know for example that there are entry and internal doors; different styles of doors and doors made of different kinds of materials. We also know that external doors allow people, pets, light and ventilation to come in and help to keep noise, […]

Entry Doors Las Vegas

The entry doors to our homes welcome us and visitors to our home. It comes as no surprise then that we prefer them to suit our personality and compliment the appearance of our homes. Entry doors however have other very important roles to play: the ones of keeping us as safe as possible and being […]

Why should I have professional door installation?

Installing a door might seem like an easy task. One tends to think that it’s just a matter of finding another standard door and putting it where the old one was. However – having bought the incorrect size door is a common mistake among do-it-yourself enthusiasts. Apart from this, you could encounter all sorts of […]

ProVia Doors

BRL in Las Vegas is privileged to be an approved installer of ProVia. ProVia is a privately owned building products manufacturing company with the following mission statement:  “To serve, by caring for details in ways others won’t”. The company is well known for its old-fashioned craftsmanship and quality products. When it comes to doors, ProVia […]

Can I Replace My Own Windows And Doors?

  Why Hire A Professional Instead Of Doing It Yourself?     Home improvement shows are more popular than ever, which probably explains the increase in homeowners tackling do-it-yourself projects. Within the span of only 30 minutes, homeowners can take a dated, dilapidated home and turn it into a showcase. Seems easy, right? So you […]

Front Door Security

Just because you have a welcome mat at your front door doesn’t mean everyone should be allowed to come inside. Door kick-ins account for a large percentage of burglaries, but that doesn’t have to happen to you. Here’s how to keep your loved ones and your valuables safer:     FRONT DOOR SECURITY Multipoint Locking […]

Solid Core vs Hollow Core doors – when and why would you use each kind

So – you are thinking of replacing one or more doors in your home or you are shopping for doors for your new home and you know that the best known types are solid core doors and hollow core doors. However, which one should you use where.. and why? BRL Windows and Doors are happy […]