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Window Safety And Children

If you don’t take the proper safety precautions, windows can pose multiple threats to small children. Even discounting the risk of them accidentally wrapping a pull string or window sash around their necks or accidentally pulling the entire window dressing on their heads, there are some risks. A slightly open window may shut on a […]

How Do I Know when to Replace Windows?

Adding new windows to your property can be an expensive affair. That is why it is necessary to know when to replace your windows so that you don’t waste your money. Nevertheless, new windows offer a host of advantages, such as energy efficiency and enhancing the curb appeal of a house. In the following paragraphs, […]

Types Of Windows

Whether you are building a new Las Vegas home or simply renovating your current one, you will have to decide what type of windows you want. Most people realize that there are at least several different varieties of windows, but you may not realize the extent of options available. Working with a professional company like […]

Cleaning Your Window Tracks

Are you having difficulty opening and closing your windows? The problem may not be the window but the track that it slides in. Window tracks are notorious for collecting dirt, grease and even dead insects (yuck). To keep your windows operating properly and prevent them from becoming a moth graveyard, try this easy way to […]

Protecting Your Family From Accidental Window Falls

According to a study from the Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, an average of 14 children are treated for injuries sustained from falling out of windows every day. Of those, 65% of them are under the age of 5. Before you open up your windows to let the fresh spring air […]

When should I replace my windows?

Our homes are not all the same age, with the result that some were built before energy conservation became important. Many people opt to replace windows now for this reason alone, but there are also other reasons why it might be feasible to replace the windows of your home. Moisture: Older homes were built with […]

Ways to let sunshine into your winter home

When we allow natural sunlight into our homes in winter we automatically reduce our carbon footprint. If our homes are not built with most of the windows facing north or south like the old folks used to before electricity became available everywhere, we already have a problem. A dark home can really sap our energy […]

Picture Windows

Pretty As A Picture—Window That Is!   Are you looking to add a window to an area to take advantage of a great view or increase light in a room, but don’t need it to provide ventilation? That sounds like a perfect spot for a picture window. Picture windows are stationary rectangular windows that create […]

About Milgard Windows

BRL offers its Las Vegas customers all of the variety in style and different materials of windows and window frames that Milgard offers. We are the place to go to when you need to remodel your home with new windows or when you are looking at options to fit the style of the home you […]

Window Safety And Children

  How safe is your existing home’s windows when it comes to your children and pets? If you are considering replacement windows or are in the market for windows for your new home – are you considering the safety of the windows that you are planning on installing with regards to your children? If you […]